SNAP Offsite 2016 – Frying Pan Edition

Company Offsite (n): a meeting taking place away from the principle area of activity.

SNAP Company Offsite (n): the chance to team build with your coworkers, eat delicious tiny tacos, and laugh until you can’t breathe.


So as you guys know, we are a team that believes in work and reward. We work hard, push ourselves to the bone, do what we have to do, go beyond the limits…annddddd then we have a good time for 5 hours and forget we have things like jobs and brains. You know, the usual. It’s honestly the secret recipe to success. That and great food. But shh, don’t tell anyone.


We all have our days where things just don’t work out right and the world seems to be against us, but to be perfectly honest, at SNAP, the good days actually do outnumber the bad…and it’s because we have our people.

Think about it.

How many weeks, days, hours do you spend at work, and therefore, with your coworkers? Um, carry the 2, minus 74, divided by 8748748357395793578 = A LOT. So how would that work unless we work together and respect each other? The answer is, it wouldn’t. At least not well. It may seem like we spend a lot of our time having fun together and it’s because as a tight knit group, team building is CRUCIAL to our success. We believe that in order to keep our minds open and create the best products out there, we need to be a well oiled machine. Which is what our happy hours and offsites help us do. It’s a time for us to talk, understand each other better, and let off steam.


I guess what we’re trying to say is, the reason why we work so well together is because we allow our jobs to be a place for innovation, hard work, AND enjoyment. Which is how it should be! We truly believe that our SNAPpers are the best and brightest and as such, deserve to be treated that way. #GOTEAMSNAP

Now, we have a lot of awesome projects coming up and need YOUR help to take it to the next level so if you know what’s good for ya, join us by visiting our Careers page now. OR ELSE.


NAPS Interactive


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