May the Fourth De Mayo Be With You!

Hey Hey Hey!

So guess what, I know this is going to be really shocking but… *whispers* we had a party!


This was a big celebration for us. It was May the Fourth (be with you) and Cinco De Mayo so what better way to celebrate then to combine these two awesome holidays!

Just an excuse to party? What? Us??? Of course not…what kind of tech company do you think we are!


We weren’t able to get Chewy or BB8 to join us for some margaritas (they were a little busy) but we did have a piñata & a cheese fondue fountain. Not to mention the best food, drinks & company around. #EmpanadaMamaBaby!

Here at SNAP, we truly believe that taking the time out to unwind and bond with your team is a #majorkey to success. Being the best is about opening your mind, thinking outside of the box and being innovative which does not come from overworked unhappy employees. Work hard, snappy hour harder!

Alright now that this episode of SNAP Talks is over…without further ado, check out the best (possibly only) Star Wars Cinco De Mayo party ever :)


Video games and margs are good for the soul.

Yay Piñata fun! #SoWhatIfWe’re5YearsOld #Don’tHate


Now before you sit and ponder about your life and why you were not also drinking margaritas in Star Wars masks… an important message from our friendly office wookie…SNAPper Emily!

That’s all folks!

Thank you and come again…or better yet? Visit our Careers page today join our team.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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